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Contact the town of Easton if you have questions about your traffic ticket, when to appear, how to respond, etc. Their official website is - eastonny.org. Town office hours are held on Monday through Thursday at Burton Hall, 1071 State Route 40, Easton, New York. Phone number is (518) 692-2678. Fax is 692-0212.

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Traffic tickets are not to be taken lightly, no matter how small the court. Failure to respond can get your license suspended and even lead to arrest warrants. Most courts require that you repond to your ticket with a plea of guilty or not guilty within 48 hours of reception. If you plan to hire Mr. Kehoe to represent you in Easton, please keep a copy of the signed ticket that he can use in his communication wth the court. If you have any additional questions about your ticket, contact the town clerk or do some research on your own. The internet has a lot of great resources about traffic law, fines, etc. in New York and other states. If you have a license from out-of-state, you should contact your state's DMV to find out how points and convictions transfer from New York to your home state (and vice versa). Listed below are some links that may be useful as you research. These are not necessarily endorsed by Mr. Kehoe or his office.

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1144a tickets are one of the most commonly issued V&T citations in the state. This law has been controversial in its enforcement as some courts have made it policy to refuse any plea bargain negotiations but many motorists claim that there is often no way to "move over" when there is no open lane available.

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